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Space Availability - Hilda C. Landers Library

Library Study Rooms

Booking Instructions

  • To book a room, click on the available time segment(s) you would like, enter your name and email address, and click "submit my booking." An email address is required.
  • For details about a particular room, click on the blue "Info" icon next to the room number.

Study Room Use Guidelines

  • The rooms remain unlocked throughout the day and are available if not in use.
  • Room reservations take precedence and patrons are expected to honor each other's bookings. 
  • Rooms may be booked in 60 minute segments with a three hour daily limit (does not need to be consecutive). 
  • Rooms may be booked up to three months in advance.
  • Study room doors may not be blocked or obstructed in any way.
  • Keep noise levels to a minimum to avoid disturbing others browsing, studying, or working in the Library.
  • The Library is not responsible or liable for lost, stolen, or damaged private materials or
  • equipment left in study rooms.
  • Items left behind will be placed in the Library lost and found.
  • Patrons using study rooms must comply with all Library policies and guidelines and shall immediately cease actions deemed in violation of these policies and guidelines upon request from Library employees.
  • If patrons do not comply with Library employee requests to stop the behavior after two warnings, they will be asked to leave the Library for the remainder of the day. 
  • If patrons refuse to comply with the request to leave, the Office of Public Safety will be alerted. 
  • Repeated violations will result in reporting to the Student Conduct Board. 


Questions? Email or call 240-895-4264


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